"Ecowood" is one of the largest importers of natural wood materials and wood processing varnishes in Georgia, with exclusive rights directly from the manufacturers. "Ecowood" has quickly become one of the leading companies in this field, we are constantly increasing the range of products, our success is ensured by customer trust and our willingness to constantlyimprove quality and service. We offer a wide selection of natural, environmentally friendly wood materials and varnishes of Polish, Russian, African and Ukrainian origin for the renovation of your home, cottage, restaurant or hotel.
      The main goal of "Ecowood" is to create new value, maintain the stability of its business, improve the quality of products, using new, modern technologies. "Ecowood" offers customers a wide selection of wood materials, affordable prices, quality and environmentally friendly products.

     Our profiled or glued wood material is processed in compliance with world standards and norms.Dried in German-made dryers and the final look is also obtained on German-made WINING machines, the humidity does not exceed 12% We offer an assortment of products as well as different wood species, such as: Siberian larch , Arkhangelsk pine and spruce, Maykop oak, tropical okan and more.

      All stages of production are standardized in accordance with international requirements: ISO; FSC; Our main direction is to offer customers a wide selection, affordable prices, quality and environmentally friendly products. The offered profiled and glued products are processed in compliance with all norms, dried in a modern dryer made in Germany and have the final look also on German-made WINING machines,the humidity of the product does not exceed 12%.  ჩვენი მთავარი მიმართულებაა მომხმარებლებს შევთავაზოთ ფართო არჩევანი, ხელმისაწვდომი ფასები, ხარისხი და ეკოლოგიურად სუფთა პროდუქცია.

      Three types of timber are used to make the products: Siberian larch ,Arkhangelsk pine and spruce.The wood material of northern Russia is best processed and is obtained from products with a dense and unique structure, such as wood panel , floor plank, blockhouse, terrace floor (around the pool), furniture prefabricated material (board), parquet, etc.which have a long service life and a pleasant interior.აბშივკაLarch ,in particular the Siberian Larch is distinguished from all other materials by its properties and superior quality.It is compared to oak,For example: the strength of the oak is 110 and of the larch 109 (Brinnell scale),from Siberian Larch is built Old St. Petersburg and Venice in Italy. Why at least Larch? It withstands moisture, water, snow, frost, sun , retains its original appearance and firmness.

        ლარიქსი იგივე “ლისტვენიცა”, კერძოდ ციმბირული ლისტვენიცა გამოირჩევა ყველა სხვა მასალისგან თავის თვისებებით და უმაღლესი ხარისხით. მას ადარებენ მუხას. მაგალითად: მუხის სიმყარეა 110 ხოლო, სისტვინიცის 109 (ბრინნელის შკალით) ციმბირული ლისტვენნიცითაა აშენებული ძველი სანქტ-პეტერბურგი და ვენეცია იტალიაში. რატომ მაინცდა მაინც ლისტვინიცა? ის უძლებს ნესტს, წყალს, თოვლს, ყინვას, მზეს… ინარჩუნებს თავის პირველად სახეს და სიმყარეს.